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OMG ..It's been a year!

It is one of those things that life just gets busy...
Since we have sold out of San Chelsea Beachside Apartments on the 6th February 2015, i have filled up my days with stuff.
Stuff you say, what type of stuff?
like....taking our first cruise, hosting students, trying out air bnb, cruising again, driving to Adelaide, and other family matters.
Craft wise i have finished some ufo's :

These are cushion covers still yet to be made

mohair rug to be placed in my Etsy shop

this has been completed but i dont have a finished photo yet...Also to be added to my Etsy shop

 and a Rod Blanky

and Christmas presents

and birthday presents
i made the pillow cases and crochet the edges in complementary colours and the tote i crocheted and lined with a zippered pocket.

And some new stuff: My Christmas doily in 4ply cotton yarn

 Wip bags from tea towels that i purchased from Harrods and a bag i made from a transfer photo onto calico that i use for my sock kntting.

 Turquoise bag to match my turquoise shoes