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Showing posts from January, 2015
its time to catch up.
Here i am sitting in the humidity and cooling down after some housework, ie 3 bathrooms to be exact.
2 glasses of water and a cup of white tea i feel more comfortable. I have been catching up on my blog readings list and i can see that every one has had a creative and joy filled Christmas and New Year.

So i thought i will show what ive been doing in the way of crafting...

This lovely woolen vest was Rods. After some tlc and mending i cricheted a flower button and added a brooch backing ...this was a perfect present for Cassandra as she is an artist and loves all things vintage.

This was Rods present. Inspired by our trip to the south bank markets in Brisbane where they were selling these shirts. Made from 100% quilting craft fabric. This is a little bit big so I will take it in for him and adjust the pattern.

Crochet this 4ply scarf using the crystal motif pattern from Sasha Kagan "crochet insprations". I beaded the 2 end motifs for a bit of weight and blin…