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Koala....a ribbon to dress him?

I have just finished my koala. It was meant to be a gift but I was only a half an hour behind but my student had to leave so here it will sit  until I will gift it maybe.....
 The ears  the legs and arms  the body front joining the head  added the eyes  the body back joined  legs and arms joined to body front

 Body back joined to body front  joined the ears  made the nose  tightened the eyes and joined the nose and made a wonky mouth  Ta dah finished  Koala has character Koala's back
Maybe I should call him 50 shades Koala  (because I crocheted him in tweed yarn). ... A ribbon to dress him?  for it feels like a boy.

Stumped Saturday

Well here it is Saturday the 28th February and i am definitely confounded by several things.

1. Why is my rhubarb it because we have had too much rain here in Queensland? or doesn't it like being in a pot? or should it be planted in the ground? the instructions said full sun!
2. Why are the first 3 passion fruit dark green when all of the new ones are now yellowing to their gold colour? 3. something is eating my tomato plant and not eating the self sewn basil...i even dust it with the proper tomato dust!
 and now for the final conumdrum. 4. do i back the crochet squares with fabric? red or calico? or do i  cover the cushions with calico which brightens the squares or do i  cover the cushions in red fabric and then have front and back crochet squares or do i finish off the 3rd square and make the reverse colourways (as i am tempted to make some for my etsy shop) or do i  leave it for another day when i can make my mind up!

Incidentally we were (my gm and i were on a…

Freedom Blog Februay 19th 2015

This is it the last photograph i will ever take of the view from our unit/office at San Chelsea. We eventually settled on the 6th of February 2015 after a very looooong process, which we started to try to sell 5 years ago. In the end we were there for 7and half years almost to the date.

So now i have the freedom of exploring my crafting options and will have more time to make and create.

 I made these cushions for my niece in- law Jess for her 21st birthday present.
I crocheted the hearts and made the piping and ended up putting a zip in the back as well.
The problem is i forgot to take a photo of the black heart up close.
I was going to make a heart with shell buttons but alas the 2 nearest fabric stores didn't have enough buttons. So that is now a thing for me to do .Our passion-fruit is taking off at a rate of knots....and yes even fruiting. This the yellow variety is Gold Panama. The Red Panama is taking its time and the Norfolk Black has flower buds starting to show.

 i have …
its time to catch up.
Here i am sitting in the humidity and cooling down after some housework, ie 3 bathrooms to be exact.
2 glasses of water and a cup of white tea i feel more comfortable. I have been catching up on my blog readings list and i can see that every one has had a creative and joy filled Christmas and New Year.

So i thought i will show what ive been doing in the way of crafting...

This lovely woolen vest was Rods. After some tlc and mending i cricheted a flower button and added a brooch backing ...this was a perfect present for Cassandra as she is an artist and loves all things vintage.

This was Rods present. Inspired by our trip to the south bank markets in Brisbane where they were selling these shirts. Made from 100% quilting craft fabric. This is a little bit big so I will take it in for him and adjust the pattern.

Crochet this 4ply scarf using the crystal motif pattern from Sasha Kagan "crochet insprations". I beaded the 2 end motifs for a bit of weight and blin…