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well its not completed yet and this is how far i have gotten due to my crohns flaring up. Its all the stress of San Chelsea and the owners expectations and Rod's expectations and Adams expectations and mine of course.

I have stopped going to the gym this week so i can rest as I have no energy but pain. Even went to a naturopath for live blood work yesterday. Interesting to see my immune system doing double time.
The tablets have arrived this afternoon and now I have started a 2 week course. I am also detoxing but i am still going to have a drink for my birthday on Thursday if i can stomach it otherwise i will have to catch up the following week.

New cushion project

Yes it is now late Sunday St Patricks day and i have just started a new project as i have these uncovered cushions that need covering. Though I should possibly start my poncho for winter as I stated in my last blog I am madly trying to attend the gym 6 days a week. I am also aiming to look nice for my birthday on the 28th March 2013.

The gym thing is for me and my health. This will also give me strength to continue on knitting and crocheting, the latter being what i am mostly doing at the moment. Aso bieing healthier helps me to keep my crohns in check.MMMMM Adam has just popped some popcorn and the fragrence is whafting abut the room.  Making me feel a bit peckish.... where are the almonds and now its after five so maybe a glass of wine.


Yes we are up here at Noosaville ...RELAXING..... for only  nights which means only 3 full days.

 the book i am reading. I really enjoy reading Tar Moss.


The front of my new cushion. I used Panda Regal cotton 4ply. An old Patons pattern that i adapted to fit the size18 cushion, which i covered in gold fabric with zip. I do like to be able to launder all layers of the cushion, plus i also change the covers from season to season or as the mood takes me. I also hand stitched a zip into the crochet cover as well.