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Feeling Clever

I have pretty well set up my website for Fabrics Plus, my other business. If you are interested to have a look then this is the address
Really chuffed have now finished my tea cosie - Thanks Loani. Its now in the post to my sister accompanied by several packets of delicious tea from the Tea Shop at Robina.


this is the finished necklace that I wore last night. I am really chuffed and all of the other lady managers just wanted to know where I bought it from. Well..... I made it! was definitately said with pride using my Murano glass beads purchased in Venice this year.


well its been over a month now since I blogged!
I have been away to Adelaide for a catch up with family and friends. Hosted Rods 60th birthday for 2 weeks with family and friends here in sunny gold coast (it mostly rained while they were here- must have brought the rain with them). So now I am half way thru Laoni's tea cosie for my sister's pressy when i thought that I might make.....

crochet beaded necklace to wear at the Managers Xmas party tomorrow night using the lovely glass beads that I purchased in Venice. Now all I have to do is make up my mind on the design!

Ladies Lunch Day

Another beautiful day for Ladies Lunch at Broadbeach. How can I go when there is so much work to do?
Easy peasy - El Pres will look after the office. Thanks El Pres.

Tangled mess?

No too tangled. I didn't like the look so back to knitting it plain.
Can I knit 2 fronts, 2 sleeves and join it up before I fly off to Adelaide on the 26th?
But I want to read my new book that I purchased last week in Noosa.

Sunny day

After all the rain we had the sun came out and the garden and sea sparkled. You can still here the waves crashing on the sand. Not too bad a view from my office/home. This makes managing more manageable.

Back to the Cardy

Back from Noosa after a 2 day stay. Rained nearly all the way home. At least I finished the back and now have started the front. I might put a pattern stitch in the front and sleeves panels as I get bored with plain knitting.

Oops I forgot to mention to El Presidente (Rod) that I bought some chocolate seeing its a wet and cold Sunday. Anyway he is playing Xbox and its always hard to get through to him when he plays that.

Hottie Covers

Starting to be obsessed with making small projects again. I've seen cheap version of these in the shops and the expensive ones in designer magazines.

So I thought I can make these. So with pen in hand, note book and all of my pattern books out I made this cover for my hottie as a tester for size.

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed cables. This black one is for Mary's birthday present. I was going to do the cables in cream but I realized that Marys birthday was only a few days away. I promise the next one will be multi coloured!!!!