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Online store closure

Closure of online shop on the 11th July 2019.

I have been humming and harring for the last 12 months, wether or not, to continue with my online store with shopify.

This decision has been a struggle. I have not had the sales to jusitfy keeping my business open in this format. With the conversion rate to Australian from US dollar often the cost can be around $40 a month and when you have plenty of visitors that is not converting to sales then the decision should be staight forward? But it always isn't. I have done the Instagram and Facebook promotions. The giveaways and so on. I have investigated markets to sell the yarn but there is alot of work for little return there as well.

So i have decided to concentrate on my social groups and going back to blogging. I have currently kept the Blogger format and hopefully that will work. It will be a work in progress.

In the future I will release some patterns that i have been working on.
There will be some yarn for sale that i will dye up or…
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And now its April 20th 2018....Where did that year go?

Now i am back from this long hiatus i have been super busy with sewing , tech stuff and hosting a weekly meetup on Saturday afternoons with like minded crocheters and knitters. has been revamped with a new look.

New project bags have been added:

 and new yarns added

And pompoms

So now , i am going to try and post stories and other things crafty on my blog a lot more often... i hope.
Cheers for now  and remember 
Follow your passion...

OMG its nearly a Year since...

Omg, its nearly a Year since....yes it is nearly a year since I last posted a blog and that is because 2016 was one of those years!My mother in law passed away in February 2016 my Crohns flared  badlyI had a nasty fall that led to a hole in my leg and to this date it is still recoveringBronte had left us for further training in Sydney with Assistance Dogs Australiaand she now has a placement with an Autistic boy.Then my father in law was seriously ill and passed away this FebruaryThen there was the traveling to and fro from Adelaide which has continued to now with future plans to go back August and ChristmasSo during this busy time I have now added new products to my website:project bags & tote bags
hand dyed yarns


August 2016...more stock and etcetera.

It's a sunny moment here at Robina, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia After a wet and stormy night and a so so morning Bronte is doing Bronte dog things Rod is working with some tax clients I have cleaned 3 bathrooms, made 3 beds and a load of washing is in the dryer. Now to my blog.

Chapter 2: the shop is now up and running

Hope you enjoy it as it is basically me talking and showing you the yarn I have in stock.
Otira: 40%NZ merino 35% Tencel 25% Possum 
100% Australian Superfine Merino Wool

Debbie Bliss Rialto Luxury Sock 75%wool and 25%Nylon

Misti Alpaca Hand Painted Sock 50%alpaca 30%merino wool 10%silk 10%nylon

Butterfly and Humming Bird Draw string bag front
Butterfly and Humming Bird Draw string bag back 

And white egret and thai fish draw bag The draw bags are interfaced lined with a split pocket on one side and a zippered pocket on the other The draw cord is a heavy cotton cord finished with wooden beads so the knots do not come undone when closing the bag. These a…

Chapter 2: The is now up and running.
I now have delicious yarns in stock and many more to come.  and these
and there are things to knit with

And to crochet with Adnd then there other things to block with Soon there will be other goodies like tote bags, lavender bags, toys  and other lovlies created by me.

 I have also done another podcast which is to be edited and then uploaded to Youtube.
We have been busy with garden tidy ups and are now in the process of shed tidy ups. Inside i have been sorting through all my books and discovering those that no longer give me joy. A great podcast to watch is Marie Kondo "The life changing magic of tidying up" as recommended by one of my knitting podcasters - Eric Lutz - Sticks+Twine Our house is not untidy but we have been here for nearly 3 years now and everything is pretty well in the place where we put it  when we moved in. So now with a growing yarn shop i need room for shelving  so now i make room for things that give me joy.

Another Month gone...with good news!

Well, i can't believe it that another month has gone by ....already. But i have achieved quite a bit in this time.
2 finished objects (FO's) done. Mums,as it turned out, large tea cosy. Now i have to buy her a 6 pot tea pot for her birthday present.
Cable hat that i entered in a knit a long (Kal) to be made and completed in the month of April. I am now ready for the trip to Bendigo Wool Show in mid July.... where i probably will freeze as i now have Queensland blood  (that is thin blood as we are sub tropical here).
Another productive thing i have done is a podcast. Yes a podcast of me presenting what i have on my needles and what is off my needles  and what i propose to do the track. I called it the 2knitncrochet: Chapter 1 - the beginning. here is the link: and after watching it for a bit i do wonder if i will continue on with this podcast..
now for the  REALLY BIG NEWS..
i would like to introduce you to my new online store:
First pair of Socks Completed. YAY!!!!

and here they are: I used Heirloom Jigsaw colour 38, 4ply sock yarn. Pattern 242 , mock cable rib.
I adjusted the length for me to fit my heel spur, so they are 2cm longer.
Now all i have to do is the 2nd pair of socks which i started 3 years ago and just put them off because i got stuck at the length etc. That is why the 1st pair completed socks were constructed so i could pick up from where i left off. So now i am in love with sock knitting!
I have a new project to start with a new cast on technique i have not used before but i cant reveal what this is to be as it is a mothers day present....and no its not socks.
so i am including some gratuitous Bronte and Oska pics.

Until next week....

You can find me Instagram as Got2Knit
Twitter as Got2Knit
Pinterest as CarolynLeeBoots