Saturday, November 8, 2014

8/11/14...Woohoo a ufo finished!

I have eventuality completed my red bag. Pattern from "Crochet Today" march/April 2010.   
I used Patons cotton blend, 2 ready made straps.

I lined the bag with a quilt print and inserted a zip.

I am really pleased with the completed bag.

Now I think a navy bag next.....

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The next half year

Well the next half of the year has started....

the curry is slowly stewing away in the oven, a great way to use left over veg and odd bags of frozen veg. 
This will be for dinner tonight after going out and enjoying a high tea at the Hilton Surfers Paradise to celebrate a girlfriends yes I am still 50 birthday. We are both the same age only differ by 3 and a bit months.

Beds made, dishes done, washing out and now time to finish off the vest i started over 18 months ago. All joined now but to sew in ends and sew on the buttons.
 I am going to sit in the sun and complete this.

To bring you up to date I have completed a cushion cover out of some lovely yarn from sirdar that they no longer make

and I have finished Tony's beanie, but silly me didn't take a photo before giving the beanie to Tony.There are 2 pompoms that i made using the pompom makers... and i also didn't take a photo of these either!

There are several other UFO's in the pipeline like a basket for storing things on my vanity in the bathroom,
socks....well i am really going to have to put my thinking cap on for these as i half left them in the foot and ....
and a red crochet bag...
and i made a poncho last year using a mohair yarn from patons/cleckheaton and the pattern short changed me by at least 8 this is going to be undone and you know how difficult mohair is to unravel once its been crochet/knitted..this will be converted to a rug as a Christmas i better get going on this.
never mind the cardigan i want to make up for myself for this winter....
the birthday present for my sister 
for my mother
for friends
not enough time in the days....

i better go and stir the curry.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Started to clear the sewing

Hi there.

Its Saturday.  I woke up feeling a bit average,  so it was a slow start to the day. After cleaning 3 bathrooms I sst down had a cuppa and read a bit, then I just went over and started to mend, finish and sort out my sewing.

I had 3 balls of yarn that I knitted in stocking stitch. Today I stitched in a zip, crochet the sides and stitched in the ends. Now its on the lounge.

The pink cushion cover I made 8 years ago.  Today I made a cushion insert for it.

Rods' boxers waistband repaired.

Cut off frayed trimming on 2 cushion covers and stitched these up, now waiting to overlock these.

Sorted out fabric for a runner for the bedside cupboard for our 3rd bedroom.  This will do until I can paint it after the next student leaves.

All this was done while listening to Mike Duncan Revolutions....King Charles. ..

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Gone to the herbs

its done. I have planted 11 herbs in the pots of which it took me over 2 hours to fill from a garden bed we have to remove and I still have 4 more pots to fill.  So now I need more plants to grow.
A trip to a  garden centre is the plan as I have to purchase saucers for all of the pots as they have to be moved into the why not some strawberries or maybe something flowering. ...or trellis the new cucumber patio snack...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Got2Knit: where to start

Got2Knit: where to start: Where to start....  its been a busy few months since Christmas 2013.... so i am just going to show you in pics...... Easte...

where to start

Where to start....

 its been a busy few months since Christmas 2013....

so i am just going to show you in pics......

Easter Saturday Late lunch/dinner
and yes i did bake the hot cross buns using my thermomix
(hint i used orange zest instead of mixed peel. it tasted fresher and not as heavy as peel)

My Sister Jenette and my Mum Joan dining out the Robina Tavern during their recent stay

pretty roses in pink and white and cheap from Aldi only $4.99 each bunch!

Lunch with Joan and Jenette at the Tweed Gallery. We went to see the Margaret Olley display. Well worth a visit!

Pelican and Mum feeding the Pelican and Swans and ducks and water hens and......they all came to say goodbye on their last morning here with Rod and I ( or was it the bread Mum was throwing out)

We went to Surfers Paradise on Sunday for fish and chips at the beach... Then Jenette tried out the temperature of the pool so she can at least say that she used the pool.
Then Thursday 8th May we went to see Opera on the Beach "the Magic Flute"
absolutely fabulous

 Then on sunday we thought we had better plant the passionfruit...we got yellow red and black. Still have to plant the one from the front garden that was in a pot that the roots were 
growing out of ....2 chances with that one.

So now i am on a new project which i will show you in the next blog. 

I am trying to be good and complete my ufo's

but i couldn't resist starting this

you will have to see my next blog on each step to make this.

Cheers for now 


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

1st Post from our new house at 13T.

Baked these today...i did make 60...
looks like 40 left.....
i think there is 30 now.
My Grandmas recipe - shortbread with dried currants.

My completed recent projects has been coat hangers:
The first 5.
The next 2
then next 2

Then 2 more

then these 4

these 2

and finally these.

I still have more hangers....