Friday, October 1, 2010

Hottie Covers

 Starting to be obsessed with making small projects again. I've seen cheap version of these in the shops and the expensive ones in designer magazines.

So I thought I can make these. So with pen in hand, note book and all of my pattern books out I made this cover for my hottie as a tester for size.

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed cables. This black one is for Mary's birthday present. I was going to do the cables in cream but I realized that Marys birthday was only a few days away. I promise the next one will be multi coloured!!!!


  1. Ooh something else I could knit!!! Wonderful stuff...made some hot water bottle covers a couple of years ago for the kids in fabric - furry pink with black spots....and furry purple....unforgettable really.....

  2. Oh look at you! A new blogger. Well done. And there is my friend Luvvie (alex) from about 30 years following you. She really is a Luvvie.

    The apron was a present from a much more recent but very good friend I made via the Blogtoberfest two years ago. We don't do blogtoberfest any more but we a solid friends. She and her husband have even been to stay here for the weekend and the blokes got on like a house on fire too.

    Blogging can be a lovely thing as well as a time waster. But I wouldn 't be without it now.
    Very good cheers